Platform Partner is a specialized service company providing a better understanding, functioning and successful entry to the Iranian Market


What we do


Profound local knowledge and experience is the basis of our partnership.

Platform Partner is a specialized service company providing a better understanding, functioning and successful entry to the Iranian Market. This is necessary due to many reasons, but predominantly related to a non-transparent market economy due to strong presence of state owned and/or state influenced companies institutions.


Platform Partner is positioned in countries where important relations to Iran already exist.

These countries have one Country Partner, who understand your expectations and objectives and initiate the procedure for the cooperation. Consequently, Platform Partner's Iranian management takes over the clients’ guidelines and develops the initiatives and strategies in order to implement the clients’ requirements.


Platform Partner's local industry specialists will identify the best operational...

sales/distribution (license) Partner for the client in Iran. The existing bureaucratic procedures, changing legislative measures and their necessary legal "neutralization" will be performed by our local team, which enhances the decision-making process. This practice has proven to be the most cost optimized and efficient way to obtain a realistic market analysis.


Platform Partner's duty is to identify the best Local Partner in Iran.

Once the client has approved the candidate to become the Local Partner, Platform Partner will accompany the implementation of such contract. The clients' requirements to the Local Partner will be surveyed by Platform Partner. This will ensure a sustainable status of quality, finance and branding recognition and represents a core part of the scope of services of Platform Partner.


We provide thorough analysis and insight into various industries and cover the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Transport & Shipping
  • Plant Equipment
  • Engineering Components
  • Domestic Utilities (Water/Power/Gas)
  • Food & Beverage
  • Brands
  • Start-Up & Financing

Country Partners

Based on your expectations and objectives, the Country Partner will initiate the process necessary for a cooperation.

hogrefe Consult Germany

HJK Consulting EngineersAustria

Masoud Shorkraei

Extensive knowledge in the field of investment and management. International experience in road construction. Specialist in plant equipment.

Marc Liebert

Profound knowledge in banking and financial services industry. Interfaces at management level, customer and external suppliers. Seasoned business analyst, consultant and project manager in international projects from analysis to implementation. Speaks Farsi.

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